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If your product is damaged during normal usage and said damage is caused by a manufacturing defect, it can be admissible for a replacement by way of a warranty claim.

For any purchase made in store, please return the defective product in store, with the proof of purchase. Our managers will act as an intermediary with the manufacturer and offer you the best possible service. Please note that some manufacturers insist on dealing directly with the customer on warranty issues.

For online purchases, we will also act as an intermediary for our customers. All you need to do is send us an email at [email protected] explaining the issue.

To help us expedite the process, here is the information we need in the message you send us:

For general warranty issues:

  • Order number (ORDXXXXX)
  • A few pictures clearly illustrating the problem

For bat warranty issues:

  • Order number (ORDXXXXX)
  • Picture of the entire bat
  • Picture of the bat’s serial number
  • Picture of the bat’s knob (where the bat length is written)
  • Picture(s) or video clearly illustrating the nature of the problem
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