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Coup Sûr!

Batting cages

At our Laval location only!

13 pitching machines & 6 batting cages with a height of 24 feet!

We have pitching machines for baseball, softball and slowpitch. The speeds are adjustable on demand.

Batting Cages Rates (No Reservation Needed)

  • 1 token: 5.75$ (txs in) (20 pitches) 
  • Special 5 tokens = 23$ (txs in)

Membership Promo: unlimited for the day: 20$ (txs in)
*Membership card = 25$ (txs in) / annually

Catchers: face pitches going UP TO 92 mph in our cages

Pitching cage: FREE for our batting cages clients


Business Hours of Coup Sûr!

Please note that our business hours vary with each season.
Contact us for more information.


From September 1st to February 28th

- Monday – 11am to 9pm

- Tuesday – 11am to 9pm

- Wednesday – 11am to 9pm

- Thursday – 11am to 9pm

- Friday – 11am to 9pm

- Saturday – 9am to 18pm

- Sunday – 9am to 18pm


Polar Bear Card

Make a team of 10 hitters and THE 11TH CARD IS FREE!

The Polar Bear Card enables you to hit UNLIMITED and to use the pitching cage for 6 months. (September 1st to February 28th)

Polar Bear Card: Members = 150$ (txs in) / Non-Members = 175$ (txs in)

Group Rates: 10 polar bear cards for 1400$ (txs in) plus 1 FREE card (membership NOT required)


Member Card
Coup Sûr! batting cage one year membership card.