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A quick look at the history and the products of Evoshield!

Maybe it’s the amount of money pros are making these days. Maybe it’s the players
finally wising up. Or maybe it’s simply better, more suitable products being made
available. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that the market for protective
equipment in baseball has exploded in recent years.

It used to be that the batting helmet, the fielder’s glove and the cup were the only
protectives stores carried in their baseball sections. If you watch MLB games now, you
see players wearing extra padding all over their bodies.

On batters, we see jaw-guards, elbow guards, wrist guards, hand guards and shin, ankle
and/or foot guards. Fielders commonly wear inner wrist guards and baserunners, tired
of being spiked on the hand, have turned to an apparatus called the mitten, that huge
piece of equipment you can easily notice in their back pocket while in the batter’s box.


EvoShield was founded back in 2006, when its founders decided to consult a chemist, a
cardiologist and a group of former collegiate and pro athletes to try to develop the
ultimate sports protective gear. The goal was to find a way to improve impact
dispersion and functionality over existing protective gear on the market and offer
athletes the ultimate alternative.

The eureka moment came when researchers developed and patented the “Gel-to-Shell”
technology, a material that reacts with elements in the air and turns the product from a
soft, moldable material to a hard and durable shell.

Just like that, EvoShield had something none of its competition could copy, a product
that gave high performance athletes the compromise they had been seeking for so long:
hard enough to give them maximum shock dispersion, yet initially malleable, to shape to
any body part and also offer comfortable functionality.

By 2010, EvoShield was distributing an array of protective gear to retailers all over the
U.S. When the products hit the shelves, customers were already familiar with the
company logo. They had seen it on TV broadcasts of football and baseball games, on
equipment worn by stars like Michael Vick, Cody Ross, Josh Hamilton and Manny
Ramirez, among others.


EvoShield first gained national recognition when NFL quarterbacks started being fitted
with compression undershirts in which pre-molded protective shells would be inserted.
Vick was the first of many QB’s to confirm the merits of this new technology for these
athletes, especially vulnerable to rib injuries, but to which mobility is so crucial.

In Baseball, EvoShield was first noticed on 2010 NLCS MVP Cody Ross of the Giants, who
wore its wrist guard and on Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton, wearing the very visible
elbow guard at the plate. I can remember everyone asking: “What company is that with
the diamond-shaped logo?” The industry giant Wilson has since acquired EvoShield and
the logo has been one of the most highly visible on MLB fields today.

As the brand name suggests, EvoShield has evolved and now offers a diversified product
line to customers. Its elbow, leg and ankle guards combine the practicality of the “Gel-
to-Shell” with the durability of Polyester. Its three different types of wrist guards
(hitting, fielding and sliding protection) add the mobility and comfort of neoprene.

Other products include a protective Fastpitch specific compression vest with a chest
shell insert and a catcher’s thumb guard that prevents sprains or fractures stemming
from off-pocket catches or foul-tips. The company also offers non-protective products
such as batting gloves and compression sleeves. Of course, all the openly visible
products are offered in a variety of colors that can be matched to the athlete’s team.

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  1. Pete Pete

    I thought the mitt was for players who like to slide head first and it prevented them from jamming their fingers on the base.

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