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EST COMP XL End Loaded USSSA Softball Bat
The EST is back in composite form! A brand new composition with an XL weighting give the player using this bat added performance and increased durability.
WLGJHU Legit XL Reload Softball Bat
Signature two-piece bat for Jeff Hall with that famous Reload weighting on a 12.5″ design. Perfect for the player looking for a shorter barrel and .5 oz loading with hot out of the wrapper bat.
EST COMP Balanced USSSA Softball Bat
The new balanced version of the EST give players a true-to-weight feel for full bat control and maximum swing speed.
WLG2XU Legit XXL Softball Bat
Signature 2-piece bat for Don Dedonatis and Andy Purcell with XXL 1oz endload for the player wanting performance, sweetspot, and the winning edge.
WLGGCU Legit Balanced Softball Bat
Signature 2-piece bat for Triple Crown winner Craig Connell with a true balanced swing weight. Hot out of the wrapper performance makes this a must have bat.
Legit Melon 13.5 XL
The 2017 Legit Watermelon XL Reload
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